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18 May, 7 p.m., New Theatre – ND

Silke Grabinger (Austria)


project series: an experiment with 11 setups
Performance: Silke Grabinger
Creators: Anne Juren, Philippe/Superamas, Oleg Soulimenko, Dave St-Pierre
Production: Olga Swietlicka
Light Design: Peter Thalhamer, Jakob Wiesmayer
A SILK Cie. Production with Impulstanz Festival and szene salzburg
Supported by Stadt Wien MA7, bmukk, Stadt Linz, Land OÖ,  Student Centar Zagreb

Silke Grabinger is a dancer and choreographer. She is a woman. She is a former breakdancer and danced at Cirque du Soleil.What are the projections on her person, which issues do choreographers tie her together with and what does she make out of it? That’s what Silke wants to find out by asking internationally renowned choreographers to create 10 minutes performance for her. Already three runs and 11 choreographies, she initiated within this project, inviting choreographers to think about, what they want to try out with an experimental subject. Therefore, she puts everything of herself at disposal: her movement, her biography and her fondness of experimenting.

Choreographers Anne Juren, Philippe Riera / Superamas, Hubert Lepka, Oleg Soulimenko, Irena Curik, Dave St-Pierre, Astrid Endruweit & Michael Laub, Trajal Harrell and Benoît Lachambre as well as Austrian comedian Dirk Stermann and film director Arash T. Riahi were involved in this exciting experiment. Each of these artists developed a solo piece for/in collaboration with the Silke Grabinger.

What’s special about it: none of them knew what the others were working on. And in the end, none of them knew, who was the tested person: was it Silke as a dancer, was it the choreographer and his/her projection on the dancer or were it the people sitting in the audience?

ANTISTATIC presents:


Choreografy: Anne Juren
Costume/requisite: Roland Rauschmeier, Juliane Buchroithner
Music Missy Eliot

The starting point of the performance is a costume which exposes an accumulation of puppets sewn together as a figurative texture. Flesh on flesh, skin on skin. Some body parts of the puppets are activated by the dancers muscles. The extremities do not belong anymore to one single subject but to a schizophrenic creature, a mutant body. It‘s not a monster in itself but rather a distorted connection between the artificial and the real, the hidden and the exposed, the nude and the dressed. A playfull way to juxtapose antagonist informations.

Anne Juren


Choreografy: Philippe/Superamas
Costume: Sabine Desbonnets

This solo sees itself as a move. A move from an individual body to a collective body. Playing the world as a collective experience seems even more relevant in a solo work… During the process we came across this assumption: “Why in Beijing Opera are women‘s roles traditionally played by men? It‘s because only a man knows how a woman is supposed to act.” In other words „this is a men‘s world!“. Changes are to expect. Revolutions are on the move. We here make a stop in China.



Choreografy Oleg Soulimenko

Let’s talk about Vegas it is a choreography for Silke, with Silke and about Silke. It is the story about why she went to Las Vegas and how life is for a dancer there. This piece is delivered hastily and bravely, accentuated by intense gestures. The manner of the delivery is an essential part of the story. For 10 minutes we will be looking behind the façade of Cirque du Soleil …

Oleg Soulimenko


Creator Dave St-Pierre
Music Nans Bortuzzo
Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Tabakfabrik Linz

…it’s about showing and how hard it is to be on stage. (…) Sometimes you have to go through a certain kind of things and you have the choice to deal with it; you can go around; you can see how strong a person is, how much resilience they got.

Dave St-Pierre

Silke Grabinger started studying graphic and design, her multimedia art works are exhibited in the United States, Canada and Europe and awarded with several prizes. She got in touch with breakdance in 1997. Projects with Pottporus and international touring followed. 2006 – 2008 she performed in the Cirque du Soleil / The Beatles Show “LOVE” in Las Vegas. In 2008, she produced her first solo performance [SLIK], which won the Linz o9 – culture capital city of Europe 2009 and Posthof, and was successfully touring Europe and Africa. In 2009, Silke Grabinger was granted the scholarship for music and performing arts (bmukk), and received the Austrian design state award for a group exhibition with “space & designstrategies “. Besides VERSUCHSPERSON, her current work includes several group performances together with her Company SILK Cie & SILK Fluegge.

Anne Juren is a renowned french choreographer, dancer and performer based in Vienna. After her diploma of dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse de Lyon, her studies of french literature at the Sorbonne and her apprenticeship at the Trisha Brown Company in New York, she creates the association Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung in Vienna.

Philippe is one of the founders of „Superamas“, a critically acclaimed artists collective based in Vienna, Paris and Brussels. „Superamas“ means in French an accumulation of galaxies.  Since their first work Building (1999), „Superamas“ have seen their task as taking on dance with materials from other areas of life.

Oleg Soulimenko is a Russian performer and choreograph. He lives and works in Vienna. He founded in 1990 the „Saira Blanche Theatre“. He performed at the ImPulsTanz-Festival, the Wiener Festwochen and the Malta Festival. Oleg Soulimenko works together with lots of different artist and musicians.

Dave St-Pierre started his dance career with the age of five years. His first passion was tap dance. He studied also literature and movie. Already in 1992, he left school to work with Kompanie Brouhaha Danse, for which he danced six years. Within the following years, he toured through Canada, the USA and Europe and worked for a number of choreographers. Until today, Dave St-Pierre created numerous choreographies, In 2009, Dave St-Pierre was awarded with the Movimentos Tanzpreis 2009/best emerging artist, and performed at the Festival d’Avignon.

The production is part of Aerowaves platform supported by Creative Europe and operated for Bulgaria by Derida Dance Center. Its presentation in Bulgaria is supported by Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality.


Tickets: 8/10BGN

Tickets at the New Theatre NDK, 1 Bulgaria sqr.