LLB 3 – 2023

12 partners from 12 countries continue their cooperation within the LLB 3 or “Life Long Burning – Futures Lost and Found” project. Following the success of “Jardin d’Europe” and LLB1&2, the good practisies proceed for another 4 years since the leaders of contemporary performing arts in Europe addressing the challenges of social exclusion and the labour market in arts. The partners aim to lobby for a better decision-making process in dance as a role model for democratic and fair Europe. 

LLB 3 is implemented by danceWEB (Austria), 4Culture (Romania), Brain Store Project (Bulgaria), Divert (Croatia), ICI-CCN (France), MDT (Sweden), Moving in November (Finland), Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia (Slovenia), STUK (Belgium), Uferstudios (Germany), Veem House (Netherlands), Workshop Foundation (Croatia) with associated partners.

Following the priority of the project for international training, education and capacity development in the sector, the Antistatic Festival welcomes Mikko Hyvönen, within the frame of the Life Long Burning (LLB3) Capacity Grid activity 2023. He has been selected to participate in the educational platform “Without Distance”, part of the 16th edition of the Antistatic Festival. Hyvönen’s participation takes place as an exchange between Brain Store Project and the contemporary dance festival „Moving in November”, Helsinki.

Mikko Hyvönen is a Finnish dancer and choreographer, who graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels in 2010 and is based in Helsinki at the moment. He has been working as a performer and choreographer internationally with various groups and constellations of artists. At the moment he’s working on a new project KOSMOS – REUNION for Dance House Helsinki. 

Mikko Hyvönen was part of “Moving in November” 2022, learning a book in Finnish language by heart, for Mette Edvardsens project: “Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine”.

This year’s programme of the “Without Distance” includes three workshops – „Visible Thinking Body (VTB)”, led by Sergiu Matis; “Nothing Private”, led by Anton Ovchinnikov; “Being Moved”, led by Simon Mayer, as well as a Dance Criticism Lab, led by Angelina Georgieva.

 Educational platform “Without Distance” 2023 is part of the project “Life Long Burning – Future Lost and Found (LLB 3), and implemented with the financial support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the “Culture” Programme of the Sofia Municipality, the National Culture Fund under the Programme “Recovery and Development of Private Cultural Organizations”, in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Bulgarien.