LLB 3 – 2024

The 17th edition of “Antistatic” welcomes two artists participating in two of the programme lines of the European project “Life Long Burning” (LLB3), initiated by leading dance organizations from 12 European countries.

Capacity Grid

Lara Cortellini will be one of the guests of the 4th edition of the Bulgarian dance platform in continuation of the exchange between “Brain Store Project” and “danceWEB” Vienna. The attendance of the young dance critic and researcher is part of the programme line “Capacity Grid” of “Life Long Burning” (LLB3), which is innovative, non-academic educational model for young and emerging artists.

Artistic Residency Creative Crossroad

The artist Jason Respilieux, one of the collaborators of Anneleen Keppens in her performance “Blue Moon Spring”, part of the “Creative Crossroads” programme of Life Long Burning Project (LLB 3), will be  an artist-in-residence of the 17th edition of the Antistatic festival.

Over the years as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Jason Respilieux developed body and mind practices derived by our capacity to reflect on — interpret and translate — our senses. In this research, he will focus his attention on the idea that touch is a necessity. It helps us to cope and understand our relation to everything around us (from human bodies to plants, and animals,…). 

Respilieux will  investigate the complexity and subtleties that exist between touching and being touched. This research in Sofia is an individual study that will prepare further research periods. 

In 2024, he wishes to invite three dancers to work on this notion and work on triangulation. Then, three bodies  and therefore three unique modes of perception, will question the relationship to touch. From this encounter, the Belgian artist will seek answers to the questions: what is the threshold between the care of a caress and the transgression of a touch? What stories do our bodies tell? What do they leave behind? How do we bear witness to our humanity?

Born in Brussels, bilingual, he begins his training in dance at the age of 12 and join the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and “Codarts” – school for the arts in Rotterdam. In 2014 Respilieux completes his studies, graduating from P.A.R.T.S., the dance school founded in Brussels by Anne Teresa De  Keersmaeker. Since then, he has pursued a career as a dancer/performer amongst multiple choreographers: Salva Sanchis, Ted Stoffer, Claire Croizé, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Louise Vanneste, Anneleen Keppens. 

In parallel, a teaching career also allows him to develop singular body practices and choreographic writing tools. ​​In 2022, Respilieux co-founds the organization “ArTerre” with the aim of supporting and promoting ecofeminist approaches and the development of agroecology in Tarn (France). His combined expertise as a dancer and a teacher opens up the perspectives of a varied choreographic research that is an equal reflection of his diverse parcours. 

The residency and Capacity Grid are part of the European project “Life Long Burning  – Futures Lost and Found” (LLB3), co-financed by Creative Europe Programme of the EU and the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, under “Creative Europe” subprogramme.