Touch down

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Touch down

April 9 (Friday) 2010, The Red House, Red hall, 9.00 p.m. – premiere

9.00 p.m.

Programme Field of potentiality presents:

Touch down (work in progress)

Author: Alexander Georgiev (Makedonia, Bulgaria); Choreography: Denitsa Dikova, Zhana Pencheva, Alexander Georgiev; Performance by Denitsa Dikova, Zhana Pencheva (Bulgaria)

Touch Down is a game. A game with the gravity and invisible space between us. It has a form, but doesn’t represent and demonstrate. It’s not about showing and looking for ostentation. Touch Down is a process, a way to research the movement and the energy. It’s about to compete with ourselves and find out limits. Touch Down doesn’t mean to win, but to control the space and our own energy as part from it.

The project is inspired by a competitive spirit, principles and it’s using a sports terminology. The participants are competitors and teammates with a clear attitude. United by the common course of action, they create a highly transparent field between their bodies. Breath acquires a new meaning and transforms into a motion engine, into a center.

Duration: 30 min.