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18 April / 7 pm / DNA – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Metheor (Bulgaria)


a production of Metheor and DNA – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Author and director Ani Vaseva Dramaturge Boyan Manchev Visual artist Georgi Sharov Sound Konstantin Markov With Leonid Yovchev and Galya Kostadinova

Duration: 60 min.

“Total Damage” is a comedy about the damage that we cause ourselves by living. About love, beauty, art. About the causeless affects. Life is excess of energy that never gets transformed – the hairy bodies of our affect, our hairy pets, our hairy doubles. “Total Damage” is aimed at this excess until complete exhaustion.

“There are no barriers in front of love (except physical).”

“Total Damage” is a physical performance by one of the most original group of artistic accomplices in the independent Bulgarian scene between theatre and performance. The theatre author and director Ani Vaseva has established in the last years close and productive collaboration with philosopher Boyan Manchev and actors Leonig Yovchev and Galya Kostadinova. She develops own system of artistic practice that includes the personal experience of the performers and improvisation leading to powerful, expressive physical and theatrical language. Their performances have gained a lot of interest. Among them are “Maldoror” after Lautréamont, (a performance with Leonig Yovchev), “A Play for You” by Ani Vaseva, “A Dying Play” based on text by Boyan Manchev and Ani Vaseva a.o.

The project is supported by Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality 2016.

Without Distance Platform

Post-show talk with the artists in the Conversations on the Body Series.

tickets-blue-2Tickets: 10/ 8 BGN

Photo: Georgi Dimitrov