15 May, 9 p.m.,

Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Red Hall

Kinesthetic Project (Bulgaria)


Choreography: Miroslav Yordanov
Music: Emilian Gatsov – Elbi
Graphic Design: Georgi Sharov
Performance: Miroslava Zahova

Salome was a Jewish queen who lived in I c. AD. She is often identified with the dancing woman from the New Testament whose seductive dance led to the death of John the Baptist. Christian traditions depict her as an icon of dangerous female seductiveness. Her image doesn’t seize to preoccupy the world of art throughout the centuries. It drives the interest also of the choreographer and visual artist Miroslav Yordanov. His latest performances explore the potential of excess and the body as refuge of desire in iconic figures of cultural imagination. In “Salome” object of interest is the female character of Salome from the biblical parable to its contemporary interpretations. It is the third successful collaboration between Miroslav Yordanov and the emerging performer Miroslava Zahova who is one of the promising presences in contemporary Bulgarian performing arts scene.

Miroslav Yordanov is an artist and psychologist who works in the field of contemporary dance and visual arts. He is a founder of Kinesthetic Project and in the last years he has developed a recognisable signature in the context of Bulgarian dance scene. He explores the pictorial and affective potential of liminal and transgressive states of the body. He has realised several small scale dance works among which are “Echorche” (2010) and “medea” (2012). In 2014 he founded in Varna the Vertigo Festival for Contemporary Dance and alternative performing arts.

The production is realised in partnership with Graffit Gallery – Varna, Fabrica 126 – Sofia and with the financial support of Ministry of Culture and Culture Fund of Varna Municipality.


Tickets: 8 BGN