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14 April / 7 pm / Sfumato Theatre Laboratory

Doris Uhlich & Michael Turinsky (Austria)



Idea Doris Uhlich Choreography and performance Doris Uhlich & Michael Turinsky Sound Boris Kopeinig Light Gerald Pappenberger Production Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnigg

Duration 50 min.

“I search for movements where energy is more important than the form. I want to create an ecstatic moment which can be untypical for a body considered to have limited possibilities”, says Doris Uhlich. In “Ravemachine” she challenges with techno rhythm her stage partner Michael Turinsky. He appears on the stage with his machine – an electric chair. Techno rhythm suffuses the bodies, infects them with movement that spreads energetically and sets them in ecstatic motion. The electric chair mutates into a ravemachine. The machine potentializes movement and makes every beat visible through the body. Bam Bam Bam – Bum!

Doris Uhlich is among the leading names in contemporary dance scene in Austria. Since 2006 she has been creating her own projects. She has received a name for a dance artist who always challenges the normative images and perspectives on the body. She was named „Remarkable Emerging Choreographer“ for 2008 by „Balletttanz“ Magazine and “Dancer Of The Year” for 2011 and 2015 by “Tanz” Magazine. 2013 she received the Austrian government’s Outstanding Artist Award. She has created more than 15 performances including “Und”, “Spitze”, “More Than Enough”, “Rising Swan” (her first solo performance, in which she plays a dying swan) a.o. Her project “more than naked”, which exposes 20 naked dancers on the stage, manages to blast away conventional ideas of body, dance, and nakedness. It will be the basis for the international workshop in the frame of Without Distance Platform at Antistatic Festival.

Michael Turinsky studied Philosophy and now he lives and works as a theoretician, choreographer and performer in Vienna. He started his career as a choreographer in 2008 and his performances tour successfully internationally. His solo “heteronomous male” deals in very delicate and remarkable way with the identities and foundations of the territory he treads as a disabled man and dancer. It was nominated for the European Dance Award for Young Choreography Prix Jardin d’Europe 2013 and Antistatic showed it in 2014.

Without Distance Platform

Post-show talk with the artists in the Conversations on the Body Series

The guest-performance is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Sofia.

This event is made possible by INTPA -INTERNATIONAL NET FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE AUSTRIA of Tanzquartier Wien from funds by BKA and BMEIA.

Photo:Theresa Rauter

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