IKAR Award 2021 for Contemporary Dance and Performance

WO MAN raises some important questions about identity, social and cultural codes and our presence amongst all of them. Whether we are more a product of nature or a product of culture is a thought that immerses the audience within the first minutes of the performance. 

“Not as a woman
Not as a man
Wo Man as
a walk on the edge of choices
in movements of self-invention
meditation on the definitions
of the plural One.”

Marion Darova is a freelance choreographer. She holds a degree in “Philosophy” and in “Theatre Directing”. In 2015, she graduated a contemporary dance program from Derida Dance Center, where she later performed in “Silent Weapon”, “Zen Play”, “Sinner” and “Miss Julie”. Her choreographic debut came in 2016 with “Mainstream”. Her other projects include “Trauma” (2017), “Corpus Meum” (2018), “Hating Machine” (2019) as well as “WO MAN” (2020). For the latter she is awarded the prestigious IKAR in the category “Contemporary Dance and Performance”. She was the choreographer of the theatre performances “New Bible” (2018), directed by Ivan Dobchev as well as “Noise and Rage” (2020), based on Shakespeares plays, directed by Malin Krastev. In 2017 Marion became a teacher of contemporary dance techniques at Theatre College “Luben Groys”.


Ticket for 10 performances of Bulgarian Dance Platform programme