Violeta Kachakova & Mirko Popov

Violeta Kachakova & Mirko Popov

/North Macedonia/
DJ performance
part of “Non aligned movements (NAM)”

The DJ-dream team Violeta Kachakova and Mirko Popov from Skopje will be special guests for the closing of the 2022 Antistatic Festival at the new space for contemporary art in Sofia – “Toplocentrala”, Hall 5 (Stage Bar). Admission is free.

We invite everyone to a special party with remarkable DJs and spring mood. 

Violeta Kachakova started her clubbing history around 2012, when she decided to expand her creative activities as a crucial member of PMG Recordings. Her first DJ residency “CHISTA SHMINKA”, together with Mirko Popov, continued for 6 years and was one of the longest running at the time. Apart from PMG events, you might meet her in random Skopje local spots, where, with her remarkable selection of techno, house, electro (and a wide range of musical styles) and landslide occurrences in the mix, she maintains quite high audience interest. She has performed as DJ at various festivals including “Desonanz”, Skopje, “PMG Recordings” Festival, Skopje, Skopje Pride Weekend, Skopje Kreativa, “CineDays” Skopje, “AKTO Festival”, Bitola, “D Festival”, Dojran, “Antistatic”, Sofia, and as wаrm-up DJ for well-known musicians like Planingtorock, Miss Kittin, Wranger, Kanton6, PMG Kolektiv.

Born in 1972, in Skopje, Mirko Popov is one of the best known names of the contemporary Macedonian progressive cultural movement since it began in 1992. His 30 years of work as a radio (Kanal 103) and club DJ is unparalleled in contemporary Macedonian (music) culture. He has devoted his entire life and complete professional interest to music: as a composer, producer, lyricist, DJ, event organizer, film maker, publisher and director of the independent record label “PMG Recordings”, with around 250 releases of contemporary Macedonian music. His DJ career is remarkable, from starting the Macedonian electronic dance movement in the early 1990’s, to being one of the most famous and sought after DJ’s in the region. Playing everywhere, from the smallest, darkest clubs to the biggest festival arenas, his musical style reflects a wide range of deep musical and floor-filling understanding.