Rituals of Soul
Rituals of Soul

Rituals of Soul

The performance focuses on the connection between consciousness and body. It represents the meeting and merging of body and soul.

“What is the body?

Rhythm that turns to light.

Do we hear?
Are we listening?
Where does the Spirit lives?
My body.
Your body.
The same river.
No end.
No end.
No end.”

Petya Stoykova is a founder and choreographer of “Dune” dance company and “Dune” dance school in Burgas. She graduated from the department of ballet (directing) and choreography at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Since then, she has taken part in a number of international dance workshops and co-productions. Petya received a scholarship from UNESCO and the International Arts Promotion Fund for Creative Residency in Senegal. In 1999 she was a participant in the Dance Web Program in Vienna. The same year she was awarded the Jury Prize and the Audience Award of “Margarita Arnaudova” Competition in Bulgaria. She is the winner of the prestigious “Burg of the Year” Award, 2016 for her contribution to the development and popularization of the city of Burgas.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund and Municipality of Burgas.

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