Introducing Vol. 2 of Dance Magazine

Introducing Vol. 2 of Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine is currently the only Bulgarian printed magazine dedicated to dance as an art form and a culture. It is published annually, and combines rich visual material with written stories to tell more about the present, past and potential future of ballet, contemporary dance and amateur dance culture in Bulgaria and Europe. 

The dominant theme of vol. 2 is “Dance and Other Arts”. Authors from Bulgaria, Serbia and Germany study the influence that dance, fine arts, photography, plastic, visual and digital arts and literature have had on one another, from the mid-19th century to today. 

“The 20th century is marked by the active intermixing of art forms. Choreography, dance and performance entered into big art galleries and visual arts biennales around the world. The cover of the current volume is taken from one of the recent events in this trend – the performance Aggregate, by the Romanian choreographer Alexandra Pirici, at the prestigious contemporary art exhibition Art Basel in 2019. In her work, 60 performers float like a flock  of birds among the stream of visitors in the designated white space. They recreate sounds of the ocean or songs of birds on the brink of extinction; with gestures and poses they reenact familiar art works – ranging from Egyptian frescos, to Michelangelo’s sculpture David, to songs and dances of the pop-singer Rihanna. This landscape of natural and cultural fragments urges us to imagine humanity as a living body, assembled from shared sensory and cultural memory. But how did the infiltration of choreography and movement into the institutions of visual art alter them?” – shares the Editor-in-Chief of Dance Magazine, Angelina Georgieva. 

Dance Magazine also celebrates the 60th birthday of one of the most iconic names in Bulgarian dance in the past decades – the choreographer Mila Iskrenova. With critical curiosity, the volume reviews some of the most interesting openings of the season, presents established and emerging artists of the local and the international dance scene, takes a look at some of the most current debates in choreography and covers many other topics. 

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Dance Magazine was initiated by Antistatic Festival in the frame of the project Life Long Burning, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU. It is produced by Brain Store Project and Nomad Dance Academy – Bulgaria with the financial support of the National Culture Fund and with the sponsorship of Grishko.