Songs of the Dopamine Carousel
Songs of the Dopamine Carousel

Songs of the Dopamine Carousel


This guest performance is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria.

While using dance and songs to tell stories about personal fears, dreams, and desires, this fragmented musical performance shifts from self-talk to embodying characters from the online world – news anchors, preachers, and influencers – giving an incomplete picture of their apocalyptic fantasies and political agendas. 

Constantly overwhelmed by information without resolution, the individual performer is feeling and thinking through his troubles while stuck in the endless loop of chemical rushes and crashes induced by a stream of online content: the solo collages cultural satire and personal storytelling, portraying the incoherence of our political moment.

BULLY FAE COLLINS (b. 1990 Prince Frederick, MD) creates music, dance and theater about the heightened anxiety of the Information Age and the politicization of bodies under neoliberalism. As a trickster who toils in the refuse of pop culture and history, he weaves the personal, the fictional, and the historical into troublesome queer satires. He received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore MD and has since toured the US and Europe with various projects. Bully is currently based in Berlin.

The international programme of the festival for contemporary dance and performance “Antistatic” 2023 is organised by the “Brain Store Project” Foundation and “Nomad Dance Academy Bulgaria”, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund under the “Program for Recovery and Development of Private Cultural Organizations”, Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, Sofia Municipality – Calendar of Cultural Events and Polish Institute in Sofia, and in partnership with RCCA “Topocentrala” and “Derida” Stage.