“Differsonalities” moves along the fine line between opposites. Four people are forcibly locked in a room, gathered in a place they cannot leave, under circumstances beyond their control, deprived of their right of free will. In such an extreme situation, the labels that everyone puts on others, their prejudices, fears, traumas and shadows of the past heat up the atmosphere and unlock the manifestation of unsuspected, primitive, unconscious or well-disguised behaviors. The dark and bright side of the characters shifts in a changing constellation, where everyone can be a persecutor, victim or rescuer. The personality becomes a word. Is it possible to unite the differences? Or until the stigma reaches us, do we tend to remain (in)different?

“One room. No door. Strangers. Four pairs of eyes. They look at the other. Encounter. Fog. Your perception. My perception. I. And they. In their eyes, you are someone else. Trembling. Gesture. Gaze. Encounter. Or a clash. I remind you of someone. And you become different. And I become someone else. Four. Between four walls. And four walls between them. Circle. Vicious. Is that me? Behind the walls. And behind the eyes. There. There is a door. And the exit is an entrance.”

Ina Gerginova is a choreographer, dancer, actress and teacher. She is interested in interdisciplinary and experimental approaches. Ina is the founder of “Muzotanz” dance company, which focuses on social engagement in arts. The main instrument of expression in her work as a choreographer is contemporary dance. In her last two performances (“Plast-tonia” and “Differsonalities”) she explores the use of dance dramaturgy, large-scale scenography and the so-called cinematic approaches in theater. Ina is also practicing playback theater and works as a voice over artist. She graduated NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” BA in “Dance Theater” in 2013. Since then, she has been working with many Bulgarian and foreign choreographers. She has participated in prestigious international forums and festivals. Ina created the platforms “Muzotanz: Live” (a series of improvised dance performances with live music) and “M.U.T.E”; (laboratories for experimental collaboration between artists from different fields). Her master of “Artistic psycho-social practices and psychodrama” enriches her creative vision, her knowledge of group dynamics and management of artistic processes, and develops her interest in the psycho-social work with art. She has developed a number of seminars – both for professional artists and amateurs.

 This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Culture Fund, Bulgaria. 
In partnership with: SDZ, Derida Stage, Social Innovators, OPNN, AfriKaia, IOM, Shalom – Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria, Compote Collective, Komar Film

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