Corpus Meum
Corpus Meum

Corpus Meum

Without the right to die, the right to live is hypocritical.”

Corpus Meum combines many big questions of our time into one by asking: if a body belongs to the one who inhabits it, does he or she have rights over it, and is euthanasia among those rights? With the boldness which her background in Philosophy and Theater Studies allow her, the choreographer Marion Darova triggers a debate on this issue that paradoxically turns out to be humane and sinister all at once.

On the stage, the performers flirt with the boundaries between life and death, swinging between the pain of remaining in the observable world and the choice to leave it with dignity. In this way Corpus Meum dissects the civilized silence on the topic of voluntarily ending one’s life, without being afraid of getting wounded. The performance is an alternative to the failed public debate on the subject of dignified death, which sometimes is the only way to overcome extreme bodily suffering.

Marion Darova earned a degree in Philosophy and several years later graduated from a Theatre Directing program. In 2015, she graduated from the contemporary dance program of Derida Dance Centre, where she performs in Silent Weapon, Zen Play, Sinner and Miss Julie. Her choreographic debut was in 2016 with Mainstream and since then she has staged two other projects – Trauma – a cross between dramatic expressiveness and contemporary dance, and Corpus Meum, which aspires to strike a debate about euthanasia. Her latest work, Hating Machine, is an ironic look at the incitement of hatred for people who are different and the formation of nationalistic attitudes in people.

The performance was realized with the support of The National Culture Fund, Bulgaria and Derida Dance Center