Certified Copy
Certified Copy

Certified Copy

“Certified copy” is a solo by choreographer Galina Borisova, which explores the concept that authenticity in art is irrelevant, since each reproduction is an original, and the original is actually a copy of another form. Even “Mona Lisa” is a “copy” of a woman who is real, or at least an imagined model. But is it ever possible for a piece of art to exist which is not made from another, or based on or copied by another?

This question, as well as other details of the concept of originality, are discussed in “Certified Copy”, while seeking its manifestations in creativity, imagination, individuality, novelty, resourcefulness, uniqueness, courage, audacity, unconventionality.

Meanwhile, lying comfortably on the floor, the audience can rest, dream, listen and watch, be empathetic and be only a few cm. away from the performer. There, Galina Borisova tries to create a copy, true to the original, or an original certified with a signature and stamp.

Galina Borisova is a dancer and choreographer whose work has a very strong theatrical aspect. She made a significant impression abroad during American Dance Festival ’96, where she participated in the International Choreographers Residency Program. In 1998 she received first prize for her performance “A Never Ending Story” in Gronigen, Holland at the International Competition for Choreographers. She has created more than 50 projects of her own, that have been presented in Europe and USA. As a dancer Galina has worked with choreographers as: Louise Bedard (Canada), Lenka Flory (Czech Republic), Simone Sandroni (Italy), Elsa Limbach (USA), and Kubilai Khan (Investigations, France). Galina’s solo “Juanita Hildegard Bo” was awarded the golden medal in Belgrade for Best Solo Performer in 2006.Her other solo “I dance Maria Callas” and “Down here all lilacs died” has been nominated for ICARUS award for Contemporary Dance and Performances. Borisova is the project director of the festival “Etud and Friends” and also a program director of “Etud” gallery. She is a resident of the “Etud” foundation since 2015. Galina Borissova has many different publications in newspapers and journals about dance, she is also an author of the book “Dance images and artistic preferences”, 400 pages, New Bulgarian University publishing house. She is an active blogger at platform “Preferences for dance”. Galina calls herself a choreographer-mutant. 

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and is realized in partnership with “Etud” Gallery and “Etud” Foundation.