84 Dials
84 Dials
84 Dials

84 Dials

Dance show on capitalism

Bulgarian Dance Platform is realized with the financial support of Ministry of Culture. 

84 is the number of cold calls it takes to successfully close a deal in the corporate sales world.

In this performance, Stephanie Handjiiska and Nelly Georgieva pose uncomfortable questions about the relationship between the market and dance work; about the dancer’s body, which both performs this work and is its product; about the conditions of work and life, about success and overwork in the age of late capitalism.

Every ticket to “84 Conversations” is an investment that returns in the form of dance fantasies, personal stories, dance on the phone, sex appeal and a guide to surviving capitalism.

84 dials first time.
84 dials second time.
84 dials third time.

Stephanie Handjiiska is a Bulgarian dance artist and director of dance films based between Bulgaria and Great Britain. She is interested in concepts such as identity, immigration, belonging, femininity and capitalism. Her work was awarded the award of Sofia Municipality and the “IMPULSE” award for outstanding achievements in the area of culture and she was nominated for the ICARUS award for contemporary dance and performance.

The performances of Stephanie Handjiiska were selected by international forums such as the festivals “Dance Umbrella” and “Resolution” in London, “The Place” – center for contemporary dance in London, “Rambert Dance”; “ImPulsTanz” in Vienna; “Antistatic”, “Moving Body”, “ОNE DANCE WEEK” and АСТ festival in Bulgaria. Stephanie is a graduate of London Contemporary Dance School, in the Master’s programme of “Contemporary Dance”.

Handjiiska is working in the field of contemporary dance and dance film. She is the author of the dance films “Glance from the edge” (2020) and “INNER BLOOM” (2021), “The woman who sewed the flag” (2022) and currently she is working on her fourth film “RABBIT”, whose premiere will be in October 2024.

84 Dials is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, and in partnership with DNK – contemporary dance and performance space, and Toplocentrala, Sofia. 
84 Dials asks thought-provoking questions, and contains partial nudity.