19 April / 7 pm / DNA – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Garage Collective (Bulgaria)

Burlesque performance

Choreography, dramaturgy and performance Irena Tsvetanova, Alexandar Georgiev – Ace, Zhana Pencheva Music Emilian Gatsov – Elbi
Stage design Ralitsa Toneva

Duration: 60 min.

“NEON” is a performance interested in the body that challenges and provokes, that flirts and celebrates as a form of protest. It is a product of the collective authorship between Alexandar Georgiev-Ace, Zhana Pencheva and Irena Tsvetanova who are led by their interest into the subject of protest, burlesque and their functions in society. “Burlesque” literally means to “make a parody, to mock, to make a satire of smth” but today it is mostly related to the erotic and exotic dance in the varieté. “NEON” offers a point of view on the body and its vacuuming in the field of celebration. “NEON” is a body that talks, laughs, criticize, loves, dances and lives. And the burlesque has it all – it manifests a message through a appealing look and visually powerful images.

“To put it shortly, WE are “NEON” and “Garage Collective” and Zhana and Irena and Ace and whatever style of burlesque you watch, one is for sure – it will totally seduce you.”

Yes, you smelled Neon.
It flirts and it is the body of pleasure.
Yes, Neon is the air I breathe in and that just touched you (…)

Nominated for the IKAR 2016 Award of the Union of Bulgarian Actors for Contemporary Dance and Performance.

Garage Collective is a collective platform founded 2011 by five independent artists in the Bulgarian contemporary dance scene. After their graduation from New Bulgarian University many participations in international workshops and educational programmes followed such as Spazio, Nomad Dance Academy, DanceWEB, Tranzit Festival, Deltebre Dansa, 50 Days with Passing through and Flying Low, Forward Motion, Fast Forward. During their international experience the artists have had the chance to observe closely and participate in different systems of work in contemporary performing arts. Garage Collective’s team realizes artistic practices and projects in collaboration with Bulgarian and foreign artists, educational programmes, laboratories and works for the development of contemporary dance.

Without Distance Platform

Warm up with the audience led by the artistis, 6:15 pm, DNA

Untypical and playful introduction into the subject and the choreography of the performance. After the warm up there will be enough time for the participants for a glass of wine before the show.

Free entry.

Post-show talk with the artist in the frame of Conversations on the Body Series

NEON is funded by Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality 2015 and according to the Regulations for Co-financing of Cultural Projects of Burgas Municipality 2015. “NEON” is coproduced by Garage Collective and is part of Derida Dance Center’s residential programme. Partners: Hamalogica Assosiation, New Bulgarian University, Dance.BG, Social Center – Burgas, Youth Cultural Center, View!Burgas, PowerFM, Attelier Cultural Programme of BNT.

tickets-blue-2Tickets: 10/ 8 BGN.