April 5 (Tuesday) 2011 , Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky

9.00 p.m., @lma @lter Theatrе Laboratory


Performance: Maria Baroncha (Romania), Eduard Gabia (Romania), Dragana Bulut (Serbia) EIO is displayed to you in this very moment. EIO invests in writing this text for the practical purpose of you reading it. EIO is practical. EIO gives you purpose. EIO helps you to gain experience. EIO provides a condition. EIO makes you active. EIO does not convict. EIO projects no value. It is a utopian fiction of practical solutions. It mixes work and leisure to acheive a futuristic adventure. It is an investigation of the practical performativity. It is a co-created experience whose ultimate aim is to be practical. EIO is a one hour society. One hour society allows an escape from learned helplessnes.

Duration: 60 min.

Tickets: the price to be negotiated with the performers