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6 May, 4 pm – 7 pm, Credo Bonum Gallery, Slavyanska st 2

Arachnophilia – who is afraid of the female artist?

Lecture-workshop by deufert&plischke (performed by Kattrin Deufert)

Arachne, the spider, is a well known figure from Greek mythology. She can be read as one of the first famous female artists. Arachne weaves reality as it is becoming, she deciphers our world as a web of facts where there is no one truth. She dares to fight against regulative powers and norms that always try to enter, control and determine artistic production. She is a performance artist. She opens her practice as a process-based social work. Since several years the artistic duo deufert&plischke strongly connect her myth to their work in contemporary dance. The lecture-workshop gives theoretical and practical introduction to their practice.

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In English.

Free entrance.

Supported by Goethe-Institut Bulgarien.