4 QUESTIONS TO: Magdalena Chowaniec

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4 QUESTIONS TO: Magdalena Chowaniec




What were you particularly interested in when working on “Sanctuary”?

I wanted to create a work about never ending possibilities, unlimited time and space, about the power of hope and fierceness. Theater as a place where we can together remind ourselves of a child in us, theater of inclusion and catharsis. The place of empowerment. The show became as well somewhat of a metaphor for the life of artistic creation, of constant rebirth and starting a new every day.

What was the main challenge for you?

Bringing all the references together and making it into a joyful experience for the audience.

What experience would you like to create for the audience? 

I want to take them on a roller coaster ride to experience a purifying and energizing magic of a performance miracle.

What makes you work in the field of dance and performance?

It’s a question I ask myself every single day and sometimes I don’t know the answer. In times of doubt, I let my body decide for me and my body always knows – it wants to be alive and it wants to act, on stage and outdoors. It wants to stay in motion, it wants to transform, it wants to meet and touch other bodies escaping categorization by a state or nation. Performing is for me an act of resistance and a way to live in a world where politics belong to us, where we can influence it very day by simple actions.