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10 April, 8 pm, Red House Centre for Culture and Debate

a performance by Michael Turinsky (Austria)

Choreography, Text: Michael Turinsky

Music: Ben Frost

Costume: Devi Saha

Personal Assistance: Philomena Grassl

Artist talk  after the show.

“Heteronomous male” is the third dance piece by Michael Turinsky, who is physically disabled

since his birth. Here he is playfully shifting between the very own logic and functionality of the disabled body on the one side and the forces of law of choreography and society on the other. Heteronomous means this – to depend on foreign laws and dominations, on notions that others have about you. In a captivating manner Turisnky fluctuates between the situation of a child and the state of a grown-up man, between helplessness and Eros. A courageous investigation, that employs both seriousness and irony, of a dangerous field that determines the identities in which this extraordinary artist can move as a disabled man and dancer.

With the kind support from TANZ*HOTEL, M.A.P. Vienna and MA 7 Kultur.

The guest-performance is supported by Austrian Embassy in Sofia.