WORKSHOP with bücking&kröger

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10:00 – 14:00

WORKSHOP with bücking&kröger
(Florian Bücking and Raisa Kröger / Germany)

What does the moving body tell? And how can one read these stories? Taking these questions as starting points, the workshop will evolve around movement qualities, improvisation and partnering in connection to the repertoire of the German duo bücking&kröger. They present at Antistatic Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance their piece “Narragonien” (19 May, 8 pm, Red House Center for Culture and Debate).

bücking&kröger would like to engage participants both physically and mentally to work the nature of the body as something existing and moving through anatomical structures. They want to give insight into their work and share their research methods, choreographic principles and concepts of the body.

Invitations only