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Eszter Salamon


15 April,19h., Theatre Hall, Sofia University

Concept & Dance: Eszter Salamon (Hungary/ Germany)

Music: John Cage

In Dance for Nothing Eszer Salamon performs John Cage’s music “Lecture on Nothing” (1949) and simultaneously dances with the aim of creating choreography of movements to be juxtaposed to the text piece. The idea of using music done by words and performing a parallel action as another temporality follows the desire for interaction with non-interference. “The dance in ‘Dance for Nothing’ should be autonomous and never become an illustration or a commentary on the text”. Eszter Salamon

Coproduction: DANCE 2010, 12.Internationales Festival des zeitgenössischen Tanzes (Munich), Festival Next (Valenciennes), FarFestival des arts vivants (Nyon), TanzWerkstatt Berlin/Tanz im August

Supported by the National Performance Network with funding provided by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Botschaft (Berlin)

The guest performance is supported by Goethe-Institut in Bulgaria.