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Jee-Ae Lim (South Korea/ Germany)


17 April, 19h, Theatre Hall, Sofia University

Concept and Performance: Jee-Ae Lim

Sound: Kyan Bayani

“Raw Material” is about the individualized notions of traditional 전통의 Korean dance 춤 in the light of personal identity 정체성. It attempts to appropriate the traditional Korean dance 춤form and cultural objects as a resource for exploring new ways of using the body 몸as a generative source of ideas. How can cultural paradigm be re-interpreted when it is experienced in a different cultural background? What new possibilities emerge in a constantly changing process of rearrangement, reconstruction 재구성, and deconstruction 해체? JeeAe Lim takes in “Row Material” as a point of departure a traditional Korean ceremony at the first birthday when the baby has to take one of the objects from a table placed in front

of him/ her. “Row Material” is a minimal and poetic dance performance, tasting the dimensions of authorship 저자, originality 원형 and the crossing of traditional and in contemporary codes of body 몸 movement and gestures.