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April 6 2008, 9.00 p.m.
Pesha Nikolova hall
Б brain С store П project and The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate present within Antistatic – Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance:
Concept and construction: Ana Vaseva
Performed by: Margarita Petrova, Milena Stanojevich, Mia Momchilova, Stella Krusteva; Video: Ana Vaseva, Valeria Chao, Ivan Ikonomov, Mia Momichlova
Praesentiae is exploration that passes trough the body and the image. The performance departs from the question: “How other bodies are present in my body”, it glides on the places of extrinsic bodies in the body. The ghosts hidden under and over the skin break through on the surface.
“The common space of the bodies is explored – they get close to each other, appropriate, reject each other, in order to test the tolerance to the extrinsic body, the forbearance to the extrinsic presence.” Miroslava Marianova, “Literaturen vestnik”
The performance is accomplished with the kind assistance of InterSpace and AiR.Space, Ivan Dobchev, Theatre laboratory “Sfumato”, Ivailo Dimitrov, Nikola Apostolov, Borislav Stoianov.
Duration: 50 min.
Single ticket: 9/6 BGN
Festival ticket: 25/20 BGN