What Kind of Art Institutions Do We Need?

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A lecture with Biljana Tanurovska –Kjulavkovski (Macedonia)
13 May, 11 a.m., Etud Gallery

Recently there has been an increase of conferences, presentations, symposiums around the question of „What kind of art institutions do we need?“. Facing a condition of distrust and failure of the existing institutions, a search through the past and addressing the presence in order to imagine the new institutional future becomes intrinsic. Institution is primarily experienced as a singular regime of values, or objectivity standing above individual needs; an external reality that is producing more precarious artists and cultural workers. This lecture will try to open views on how and what to do in these complex relations. Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski is a cultural worker operating in the field of contemporary arts. She is a co-founder of LOKOMOTIVA – Centre for New Initiatives in the Arts and Culture in Skopje, of NOMAD Dance Academy,a network for regional collaboration in contemporary dance in the Balkan region, of Kino Kultura – a venue for independent culture, and she is also curator of PLATFFORM(a) – Festival for contemporary performing arts in Skopje. She gives lectures and workshops in project management, strategic development, performing arts management, cultural policy and models of regional collaboration.

In English. Free entrance.