29 April/ 7:30 PM/ DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance
1 Bulgaria Square, National Palace of Culture – underground, opposite to the fountains

Stanislav Genadiev


Idea, choreography and performance: Stanislav Genadiev
Light design: Viktor Georgiev
Sound design: Stanislav Genadiev
Set design: Evgenia Sarbeva and Viktor Georgiev
Creative assistant: Violeta Vitanova
Psychology-consultant: Stanislava Simeonova
Producer: Creative Box
Executive producer DNK: Petko Stoyanov

Duration: 50 min.

The production is funded by Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality for 2016 and is realized in partnership with the National Palace of Culture.

Synchronicity describes the interrelatedness between different phenomena of reality beyond the causal logic. C. G. Jung’s psychoanalysis explains it through the prism of human psyche as synchronization of subjective experiences with external circumstances. In quantum physics it is examined through the notion of the world as an energy field of interactions: everything that exists is interrelated and an event is in fact the effect of mutual influence between invisible particles and waves. These assumptions are underlying for some contemporary branches of science and a number of works of fiction. The performance “Synchronicity” builds an installation where the human body is put into a situation of interaction with a complexly composed system of sounds, motion, energy and light that achieves audiovisual effects of hypnotic impact. The system itself is built as a classical mandala. Geometric lines could be associated with the eternal movement in time but also with the synchronicity of events that are beyond reason.

Stanislav Genadiev-GENDA is a dance artist and composer of electronic music. He graduated from the National School of Dance in 2003 and then joined the ballet company of the National Opera and Ballet in Sofia. He has also danced with the Swiss companies Linga and then Alias. He has worked with the French dance experimenter Brice Leroux. His regular partner on stage is Violeta Vitanova with whom he has created a number of choreographies such as “Imago“ (2006), for which they won the Ikar award for best debut, “25.03” (2007), “Void” (2008), “2Replicate” (2012), etc. The duo also works together with stage directors, as their choreography for the dance miniature “The Mousetrap” in Javor Gardev’s performance of “Hamlet” at the National Theatre earned them the Ikar award for contemporary dance and performance. Stanislav Genadiev has also singularly authored a number of pieces.

The performance is not recommended for people with increased photosensitivity.