Communication Is What Drives Me

Uroš Kaurin: „Tonight I celebrate”

What was your starting point for creating “Tonight I celebrate”?

The starting point was a scene from a workshop I did with Via Negativa where I ate a real rose. After working a bit further on it and on its meanings and implications, Bojan Jablanovec (the artistic director of Via Negativa) came up with an idea and a concept for this show.

What was most valuable for you in the rehearsal process?

Although I am not the author per se of the show, I feel very authorial about it. What we found was something that is very connected to me, to my way of looking at theatre. Certain principals, values even, are something I pursue in my “more authorial” projects as well, so in a certain way “Tonight I celebrate” was a bridge to “my work” and “working”. And this is something I value the most: a truly shared view on our work.

How did you work with the sound design and the way the sound interacts with the bodies on stage?

Most of the text in the show are the lyrics of the songs I’m singing, so we needed a “contextualization” of the music. And it remains with the same motivation: Tonight I celebrate. The interactions between sound, text, performance… all serve the purpose of the show.

What kind of experience do you want to create for the audience of “Tonight I celebrate”?

A feeling of celebration.

What makes you work in the field of contemporary dance and performance?

I both make and produce work in the field of contemporary performative art. This ping-pong between artist and producer is something I am very excited about. Although finding the balance between those two is quite an undertaking. But I find meaning in communicating with and through my art. To people. And this is what drives me: communication.