19 May, 7.30 p.m., Alma Alter Sofia University Theatre

Willy Prager (Bulgaria) / Sonja Pregrad (Croatia)

SEQUEL FOR THE FUTURE // a dance in 2043 / a dance in 2044

By and with: Willy Prager and Sonja Pregrad
Dramaturgy: Igor Koruga
Advisers: Gina Serbanescu, Jasna Žmak and Dora Ðurkesac
Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi
Light: Sandra Blatterer and Duško RIchtermoc
Light assistant: Victor Pequeño
Stage/Costumes: Ebba Fransén Waldhör and the Faculty of Textile Technology Zagreb
Production: M.i.C.A. – Movement in Contemporary Art, Berlin

“SEQUEL FOR THE FUTURE // a dance in 2043 / a dance in 2044” is a dance performance in two acts, which explore what contemporary dance will look like in 30 years and how it will be excercised. In order to collect different points of view Willy Prager and Sonja Pregrad made interviews with other dance artists from different generations asking them why they have selected dance as a means of communication and self-expression and what might be their answer in 30 years. The authors use this information and their personal experience to to present a journey between present and future. In a provocative and utterly self ironic manner “Sequel for the Future” questions the socio-political conditions of society through the lens of the conditions of artistic production. “The dance of tomorrow – concludes the duo with a comically wrinkled forehead – will be always longing for its yesterday”, writes the German dance critic Arnd Weseman and describes the performance as “total liberation of two great dance cabaretists.” (Dance Magazine)

Sonja Pregrad (Croatia) and Willy Prager (Bulgaria) are authors and performers in contemporary dance and performance. Both of them work between their native cities and Berlin. They have met during their studies at HZT/UdK Berlin. Since 2011 they have jointly realized successful projects and dance productions presented in Germany, Bulgaria and at various festivals (“Transformability”, “Balkan Dance Reality Show” etc.). Willy Prager’s performance ”The Victory Day” won the audience award Jardin d’Europe in Vienna at ImpulsTanzFestival.

“A dance in 2043” is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Council for education, culture and sport of the City of Zagreb, 4 Culture/WASP Bucharest and Zagreb dance center/HIPP.

“A dance in 2044” is funded by Regierenden Bürgermeister von Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten and Uferstudios Berlin.

The guest performance is supported by Goethe Institut Bulgarien


Tickets: 10/ 8

(6 BGN for students and Sofia University)

Tickets at Red House and at Alma Alter Sofia University Theatre 1 hour before the performance.