27 April/6:30 PM/ Red House Centre for Culture and Debate
15 Liuben Karavelov str.

Marion Darova


Concept and choreography: Marion Darova
Performers: Hristo Ushev, Boris Georgiev, Ina Gerginova
Music: Ivan Shopov
Visual environment: Polina Stoyanova

Duration: 45 min.

“Mainstream” deals with the hardly perceptible, “behind-the-curtain” descent into the possessive inertia of one’s life. Dissatisfaction with such inertia makes us look for our true and non-replaceable essence. Sometimes it seems that it appears for an instant and then disappears… In her debut as a choreographer Marion Darova combines theatrical expressivity and contemporary dance techniques. Actors Boris Georgiev and Hristo Ushev, together with dancer Ina Georgieva, grotesquely recreate, using grimaces, gestures and dance, some clichés imposed by the contemporary mainstream culture as a pattern for behaviour. The performance was first shown at Trizavisim 2016, the platform stimulating the creation of contemporary dance productions, an initiative of the Guild of Contemporary Performing Arts at the Union of Bulgarian Actors and A25 Culture Foundation.

Marion Darova has graduated in Philosophy from University of Sofia, and a couple of years later she studied stage directing at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. In 2015, she completed Derida Dance Center’s one-year educational programme Dance Port Derida. During her studies she worked with choreographers such as Norman Douglas (UK) and Sidra Bell (USA). Marion Darova has performed in Derida Dance Center’s and Derida Company’s productions “Silent Weapon” (nominated for IKAR 2015 award), “Zen play”, “Sinner” (IKAR 2017 award). Her debut performance “Mainstream” participated in 2017 Water Festival of Contemporary Art in Burgas. Her most recent choreography work “Trauma” from 2017 features some participants in the 2016 Dance Port Derida programme. In both of performances she partners with the famous composer of electronic music Ivan Shopov who authored the sound design.