27 April / 16:00/ City Stage
1 Bulgaria Square, National Palace Of Culture – Underground

Ivo Dimchev


Duration: 120 min.

The project is supported by Europe Programme 2018 of Sofia Municipality.

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In his newest artistic work between performance and exhibition, Ivo Dimchev is going to explore seven of his favorite creative activities: teaching, writing, painting, writing songs, giving concert, filming, giving an interview. Each of these seven activities might morph and transgress along the way. The visitors can come and go any time and witness this unusual laboratory. They will be able to see also an exhibition of videos, sculptures, paintings and photos by the artist.

There is a moment when things you love to do become a nightmare. And then there is a moment when this very nightmare might become an opening. Whether a nightmare or a blessing, it doesn’t really matter to me. Because I prefer flying in Hell over crouching in Heaven. I can subvert my work only from the inside. And that is what I mostly expect from myself approaching this long-durational workaholic meditation. IVO DIMCHEV

Ivo Dimchev is a real provocateur, whose work presents with an extreme and colorful mixture of performance art, theatre, choreography, music and visual arts. He is author of more than 30 performances that have been shown all around Europe, South and North America etc. Ivo Dimchev also teaches and gives master classes in numerous international art academies and schools. He is founder and director of the Sofia-based Humarts Foundation that organized several national competitions for contemporary choreography. In 2916 he published his first book Stage Works (2002 – 2016) as a retrospective of his stage performances. Currently Ivo lives between London, Vienna and Sofia and travels all around the globe presenting his performance, concerts, exhibitions and book.

10 BGN

27 April / 10 PM / City Stage
1 Bulgaria Square, National Palace Of Culture – Underground


Tickets: 20 BGN

Double bill: 25 BGN with EASY PAY and EPAYGO.BG