30 April / 8:30 PM / Etud Gallery
ul. “Tsanko Tserkovski” 34

Galina Borissova


Idea and realization: Galina Borissova
With: Alexandra Spassova, Willy Prager, Iva Sveshtarova, Miroslava Zahova, Nathan Cooper, Stephan A. Shtereff
Design curtains: Eva Gebreva
Wallpaper photography: Irena Tsvetanova
Produced by Nomad Dance Academy-Bulgaria

Duration: 60 min.

The production is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Etud Foundation and is realized in partnership with Etud Gallery.

Between walls, curtains and wallpapers six performers dream with uncertain intentions and temporary decisions. How often do we feel lonely in the presence of others? Memories are never as powerful as in state of spiritual crisis, claims Galina Borissova quoting writer Lev Tolstoy. In “The Story of Yesterday”are involved six distinguished theatre and dance performers, whose faces become almost unrevealed for the audience. Their bodies are engaged in a poetic choreography that engenders a sense of contemplating a past memory whose reality as if has turned its back on us. It seems observed from a distance, unattainable in the peacefulness of its already independent existence. Galina Borissova says that the starting point of her choreography were Lev Tolstoy’s diaries and the activity of keeping a diary in general. This piece is an invitation to the spectator to unlock inside himself/herself a story of a past memory – real or imagined – and “for a while to open up the window for a breath of fresh air”.

Galina Borissova has played a significant role in establishing contemporary dance as an independent art form in Bulgaria and has her own designated territory in it. She studied classical dance at the State School for Dance. She specialized modern dance techniques in Palucca School in Dresden. She first made a significant impression at the American Dance Festival`96 where she participated in the International Choreographers Residency Programme. In 1998 she received first prize for her performance A Never Ending Story in Groningen/Holland at the International Competition for Choreographers. Galina won the gold medal for the solo “Juanita Hildegard Bo” at a Belgrade dance festival, 2006. She has created more than 35 choreographies, which have been presented in Europe and the USA. As a pedagogue she has shaped several generations of dance makers. Her dance pieces have very strong theatrical aspect. As a dancer she has worked with choreographers such as Louise Bedard/Canada, Lenka Flory/Czech Republic, Simone Sandroni/Italy, Elsa Limbach/USA, Kubilai Khan Investigations/France, Willy Prager a.o.  Galina Borissova is also editor and author of the book “Dance Notions and Artistic Preferences”, New Bulgarian University, 2011.

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