Task-based improvisation methods

Task-based improvisation methods

Workshop with Tomi Paasonen (Germany)

In this workshop, participants will experiment with Tomi Paasonen’s task-based improvisation methods and his approach to cultivating original material. Together with the choreographer, they  will delve into movement principles that Paasonen has developed for his various projects over the last two decades, including kinetic coordinations based on neurological exercises, incorporating visualisation, imagination, memory, cognitive awareness, extreme states and paradoxes. These techniques are used as means to expand each dancer’s movement vocabulary, regardless of technical background. 

Tomi Paasonen, born 1970 in Helsinki, Finland, is a choreographer, artistic director,  dancer, curator, mentor and teacher. After dancing as a soloist at the Hamburg Ballet of  John Neumeier (1989-1994), at Lines Ballet by Alonzo King in San Francisco  (1994-1995) and The Joffrey Ballet in Chicago (1995-1997), his dance career was cut  short because of an accident. In 2002 he moved to Berlin, where he launched PAA (Public Artistic Affairs) and worked  internationally as a choreographer and stage director branching out into other genres. During the years 2013-2018 he was Artistic Director of ITAK in Finland. 2019-2020 marked the year of his return back on stage after 23 years. His  autobiographical “Retrospectrum – 5 solos for 5 decades” is his first ever solo piece he  has choreographed for himself. His work has been performed and  produced throughout Europe, in New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Brazil,  Hong Kong and Tokyo. 

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