A stage performance for two dancers

The guest-performance is supported by DANCE ON TOUR Austria – a project by Tanzquartier Wien in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and Austrian Embassy in Sofia.

The first starting point for „one“ are the „one word poems“ by Heinz Gappmayr: his works deal with the invisible, the imaginary world and at the same time convey the structures and conditions to make that world visible. The materials are: signs, abstract elements such as letters, words, numbers or simple graphic forms like lines and dots.

The second starting point: the performers. The components they add to the performance are presence, movement, writing, showing and acting with the materials language and body. They phrase, put themselves between words, put movement and words beside or against each other, they are the link between words and images. Thoughts are visualized and in this way brought to mind in a special way. Images of thoughts arise. How do thoughts look like?

One important sign in Gappmayr’s oeuvre is the number 1 or one. It plays one important role: one, the one, the one (man), the one (woman), someone… The explanations for how the different equations, formulas, statements and explanations arise, are shown on a blackboard. They arise and are dropped again, deleted and revived, they form a chain of transformations and images. A live-cam takes up the explanations from above and transfers the signal at the same time onto a big screen. This way, the audience can participate in the development of the various thoughts, formulas and calculations. The action becomes an image. The performance space becomes the interface of physical and virtual reality. „one“ tries to deal critically with Gappmayr’s work. The performance stays simple, reduced, formulisticly, but also ironically and with the conscious.

Willi Dorner lives and works as choreographer in Vienna. His internationally touring artistic work includes pieces for the stage as well as site specific performances. Cie. Willi Dorner’s works are invited by international festivals and promoters like Theater der Welt, Festspiele (Salzburg), Biennale de danse (Paris), Wiener Festwochen, Panorama Arte (Rio de Janeiro), Festival Bo:om (Seoul), Festival Transamerique (Montreal), springdance (Utrecht), Tanz im August (Berlin), Dance Umbrella (London), but also from institutions in the area of the fine arts like ART Basel and Turner Contemporary.

In addition his pictures are shown in exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide and published in various art-, design-, fashion- and architectural magazines. Together with different Austrian film makers he realized the short films TREID (1999), mazy (2003), body trail und fleeting (2009), set in motion (2012) and created the short film every-one (2015) together with the photographer Lisa Rastl. For his choreographic work he was awarded with Österreichischer Tanzproduktionspreis 2000 and he won prizes at various European choreography competitions. His short films are shown at different international festivals and he won prizes for his films mazy at Pearls 07 Berlin and “body Trail” Choreographic Captures Munich and for every-one the Architekturfilmpreis 2017.