The guest-performance is realized with the support of the French Institute Bulgaria and the program “Teatroskop”, which is founded by the French Insti- tute, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of France.

The performance ECCE(H)OMO will be presented in 2019 on the partner festivals Dance Inn, Zagreb and Monoplay – contemporary dance festival, Zadar. 

“ECCE (H)OMO”  is a desire to reflect in action on the notion of inheritance in dance through an interpretation of the dance cycle “AFECTOS HUMANOS”  by German choreographer Dore Hoyer (19111967).  Connected to the German expressive dance movement in which she was actively involved – particularly as a dancer for Mary Wigman – Dore Hoyer holds in the history of dance an unique place on the border of styles and eras. In 1962, she created “AFECTOS HUMANOS”, a series of short pieces that embodied a wide range of feelings where Vanity, Desire, Hatred, Anguish and Love are carved by powerful expressiveness in search for an universal language of emotions.

From this piece has survived a black and white video, shot in 1967 in a television show. It provoked choreographer and dancer Pol Pi to experience what this dance could do to him, and what it still had to express today. Pi has chosen to treat these human affects not in the sense of a restitution, but of a search, using documentary, performance, concert and spectacle. Traveling between now and then, he varies the point of views, rebuilding a living and fragile archive where each element is re-examined, scrutinized and shared. The result is an intensive investigation into what it means when movements are expressed by different bodies, a choreographic language is reinterpreted and history is rearticulated in the present. The performance is in English.  

Pol Pi is a Brazilian dance artist based in France since 2013. Pol studied classical music at the University of Campinas (Brazil) and from 2013 to 2015 he attended the master in choreography “exerce” in Montpellier. He has already performed for Eszter Salamon, Latifa Laabissi / Nadia Lauro a.o. Since 2010, he develops his own choreographic projects, already presented in several cities and festivals in Brazil, France, Belgium and Germany.