Introducing Vol. 3 of Dance Magazine

Introducing Vol. 3 of Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine was initiated by Antistatic Festival in the frame of the European project Life Long Burning, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU. It is produced by Brain Store Project and Nomad Dance Academy – Bulgaria with the financial support of the National Culture Fund and with the sponsorship of Grishko.

“We worry about proximity to others, we worry about touch, we worry about being surrounded by a community, we worry about sharing breath. Unfortunately, these very things (proximity, touch, community, and breath) are all essential to the DNA of dance. This crisis hits not only our practice, but who we are.” – stated one of the most influential figures of contemporary dance and performance, the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, in her address to the international artistic community made in the midst of the pandemic. Her address “speaks” Bulgarian for the first time, together with many other intriguing and important texts in the 120 pages of vol. 3 of the annual Dance Magazine, dedicated to classical ballet, contemporary dance, and performance and dance culture. 

The topic of the issue is “The Dance and the Political” and Bulgarian and foreign researchers, thinkers and critics offer their intake from various viewpoints. The discussion “The Covid-effect on the Bulgarian Dance Scene” also finds a natural habitat on the pages of the volume. In it, the managers and artistic directors of various institutions and organizations, Sylvia Tomova, Mira Todorova, Iskra Prodanova, Willy Prager, and Atanas Maev share their experiences and lessons learnt from this turbulent year. Vol. 3 also offers close encounters with crucial people from the Bulgarian and European dance scene, such as the prima ballerina of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Marta Petkova, the rising choreographer Deyan Georgiev, and the newly appointed artistic director of the Venice Biennale for Dance – Wayne McGregor. The “Traditions” rubric turns the lights on three major figures for the dance art in Bulgarian: Vera Kirova, Margarita Arnaudova, and Margarita Gradechlieva.  

You can check out the complete content of vol. 3 here (in Bulgarian only), and you can get your copy during the event and be among its first readers.  


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