I Will Try/Ще опитам

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I Will Try/Ще опитам

April 5 (Tuesday) 2011 , Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre

7.00 p.m ., Chamber hall

I Will Try

Author and performance: Alexander Andriyashkin (Russia); Assistants: Vadim Kartashev (Russia), Nina Kungurova (Russia); Music which can be (un) used during the performance: the hood, F. Sinatra, P. Comelade, L. Utesov, A. Aleksandrov, A. Newman, Madonna, Damien Rice. With the support of Tsekh Dance Agency. Alexander Andriyashkin graduated in mathematics, became one of the founders of a legendary dance company Wampeter (Novosibirsk), and is known as a collaborator, actionist, and as a very good performer. He opens this season with his first solo – an interactive performance I Will Try, which is built on a constant dialogue with the audience. It is a rare case when an artist and a spectator do more than just look at each other from the darkness. This is a good chance to destroy the invisible but ever-present borderline across the edge of a stage. It is a risky experiment – because you never know – will we succeed in understanding each other? And do we really need it?

Duration: 35 min.