Dance to be danced

Dance to be danced, move to be followed.

The programme of the 15th edition of the “Antistatic” Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance addresses the topic of the place of established conceptions of contemporary dance today and the development of the artistic perspective of choreographers and performers on stage, within the context of sharpening sensitivity and debate on various political, social and aesthetic topics.

“Dance to be danced” is a symbolic two-tiered appeal – from artists from previous decades in dance to those who come after them, as well as from “Antistatic” to their audience.

The performances in the International Program of the festival add value to this appeal by boldly filling the stage with a range of individual artistic styles and outstanding choreographic decisions. By including them in this year’s curatorial framework, the festival declares its support and understanding for diverse perspectives in contemporary dance. Including: dramaturgy, music, stage form, interpretation of themes and processes, philosophical framework, context and space.

The special highlights of our program are the performances of Zufit Simon (Germany) “Strange Foreign Bodies” and “Goldberg Variations” by Michiel Vandevelde (Belgium), who are not afraid to question stereotypes of the body.

Through the project “Non aligned movements (NAM) – Strengthening contemporary dance in the Western Balkans”, developed by the International Network “Nomad Dance Academy”, the festival will present five performances from the Balkans – “How many cm³ is my body allowed to occupy?” by Sonja Pregrad (Croatia), “Figure it out!” by Viktorija Ilioska (Northern Macedonia, Germany), “Thinging” by Jan Rozman (Slovenia) and “Healers” by Jasna L. Vinovrški (Croatia), realized in partnership with the “East is the best” network, as well as a DJ performance by Violeta Kachakova and Mirko Popov (Northern Macedonia). The NAM project will also provide a creative residence for Pia Brezavšček (Slovenia), editor-in-chief of the art magazine “Maska”.

In the museum, dance finds an intersection between visual arts and choreography. This year’s festival program will show the interaction between body, matter, movement and space. Through the “Life Long Burning” network for sustainable support of the European stage for contemporary dance and performance, and the partnership of Goethe Institute Bulgaria in the “Without Distance” educational programme of the festival, we present the project “Moving in Squares”, which includes Julian Weber’s performance, “Duets with Аbstraction”, as well as the results from Weber’s choreographic laboratory with Galina Borissova, Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev, Zornitsa Stoyanova and Voin de Voin.

“Dance Magazine”, established by the Antistatic Festival, will present its fourth edition focused on the theme of – “Dance and Music: New Relations”.

The festival will also host the third Bulgarian Dance Platform, which calls for “Move to be Followed” to highlight the need to be proactive regarding the achievements of artists who create and work in Bulgaria. This previously established forum for exchange and networking, within the “Antistatic” program, will once again provide an opportunity for direct communication and interaction with specially invited international dance programers, curators and managers. The results of this platform prove its role and importance in integrating, exporting, connecting and exchanging creative productions, which have premiered within the last two years in Bulgaria, with international networks, partners and supporters

“AntiStatic” #15 invites you to stand up against statics and against war. So that you can again find the human-artistic, and the artistic-human, in the dynamics of dance, after which statics will be just a part of mechanics, not a part of thinking, and war will be just a word from the cover of a book.