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29 april /5:00 PM/National Music and Ballet Centre
100 Vasil Levski Blv.


Arabesque Ballet is the only state-run modern ballet and contemporary dance company that aims to support the development of young Bulgarian choreographers and provide them with opportunities for their professional advancement. In 2017, Arabesque had its 50th anniversary and as part of the jubilee event it developed a program presenting the company’s young choreographers:


Idea, choreography, costumes and lightning: Asen Nakov
Music: Stanislav Genadiev
With Daniela Ivanova, Elena Kitova, Elisabeth Yakimova, Petya Koleva and Stephan Vuchov

Duration: 25 min.

In his choreography based on a composition by the electronic music experimenter Stanislav Genadiev Atanas Nakov scrutinizes the duality of human soul, the inner hesitations and the possibility of building a friendship. “My Second Ego” is like an inner monologue of a personality made up of multiple “egos” in quest for the balance. Can the others, doomed to eternal elusiveness, help us attain inner peace?

Asen Nakov graduated in Ballet from the State School of Choreography in 1995 and immediately joined Arabesque Ballet Company to become its principal soloist. He has more than 80 performances in his career. He has worked with Bulgarian and international choreographers such as Elsa Limbach (USA), Wayne McGregor (UK), Liz Lee (Australia), Christian Bakalov (Belgium/Bulgaria), Mila Iskrenova, Boryana Sechanova and others. In 1999, he won the Crystal Lyre award for high achievements in dance for his participation in the ballet performance “Tango” with choreographer S. Ivelinov. Currently, he teaches and engages in choreography as he won the Margarita Arnaudova Audience and Jury Award at the 8th Contemporary Choreography Competition for his performance “Little Rules”.


Idea, choreography and costumes: Philip Milanov
Music: Dobrinka Tabakova
With Alexandra Savova, Viktoria Petrova, Petya Koleva, Tanya Katsarova, Valery Milenkov, Vasil Dipchikov

Duration: 26 min.

“EXIT” deals with the eternal conflict between the society and the individual in his/her painful quest for a way out of the restrictions imposed by the collective. Each of us has done his/her partial escapes but is there an exit to total freedom? Based on the music by one of the most interesting contemporary composers Dobrinka Tabakova “EXIT” has won the Margarita Arnaudova Audience and International Jury Award at the 9th Contemporary Choreography Competition and the IKAR award for contemporary dance.

Philip Milanov has graduated in Movement Theatre at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts and in Derida Dance Center’s educational programme Dance Port Derida, and then became performer at the company. Since 2012 he has been part of Arabesque Ballet, and later became one of the young soloists of the company. Since 2014, he has also been working as a choreographer and authored projects with different companies such as Arabesque Ballet, State Opera, Ruse, State Opera, Stara Zagora, and Drama Theatre Varna.


Idea, choreography and costumes: Angelina Gavrilova
Music: Max Richter
With Petya Koleva and Elisabeth Yakimova

Duration: 6 min.

We will walk together until the end, which will reach me and you at different times.

“A gasping duo, a quest for foundations, looking around one’s self, loneliness, alienation but also a fondling, an intimate admission of the need of proximity, reaching climaxes and performed with extreme beauty by Petya Koleva who gains more and more reputation for her technical precision and immediate artistry and her especially appropriate partner Elisabeth Yakimova. The two bodies are as if one essence in a deep conflict with itself because self-knowledge is achieved at the price of suffering and alienation…” Petar Plamenov

Angelina Gavrilova is a long-time soloist of Arabesque Ballet Company who is distinguished for her vivid and bold artistic presence. She is a Ballet Directing graduate, she has taught Modern Dance Techniques at the National School of Dance and currently teaches classes in Contemporary Dance at the National Academy of Music. She has won twice the award for contemporary choreography at the Anastas Petrov Meeting of Young Ballet Performers in Dobrich as well as the award at Little Stars International Ballet Competition for Adolescents and Children. She has been nominated for the 2016 Crystal Lyre Award for opera-dance performance “The Barber of Seville” directed by Boyan Ivanov. Her miniature “My Way With You” was selected for participation in the Belgrade 2017 International Competition for Contemporary Choreography.


Tickets for the whole evening:
10 BGN / 12 BGN