20 April / 7.30 pm / DNA – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Fernando Belfiore (Brazil / Holland)


Choreography and performance Fernando Belfiore Dramaturgy Katarina Bakatsaki, Bruno Listopad Sound Design Steve Martin Snider Light Design Tomas Vondracek Set Design Nikola Knezevic Artistic Coach Suzy Blok Production Sanne Wichman Produced by Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with: ICK Amsterdam, Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung Frankfurt, Work Space Brussels and Fabrica de Movimentos Porto Supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Jonge Makers fonds van Dansmakers

Duration: 40 min.
In English.

“It is the transformation of substance that is my concern in art, rather than the traditional aesthetic understanding of beautiful appearances.” This statement by one of the most influential avant-garde artist Joseph Beuys and his theory of art and transformation is a point of departure for Fernando Belfiore’s  “AL13FB<3”. The piece presents a series of encounters with objects to construct physical experiences and translate emotions. Leading the audience through poetic and futuristic landscape, Belfiore explores the potential of theatrical magic and transformation, reshaping his environment as an act of renewal.  From the very domestic to epic, from sacred to profane, from pop to sci-fi, “AL13FB<3” is a trip through different frequencies formed, informed and deformed by the body and transformed by the body. It exposes the body of the performer as a catalyst of energies, expectations and ambitions. “Belfiore is wild, sometimes fragile, sometimes funny but most of all, he delivers a brilliant one-man show” writes Olivia Kaiser in “Die Rheinpfalz”.

“AL13FB<3” is part of Aerowaves Twenty 16 selection of the most promising emerging choreographers in Europe.

Fernando Belfiore is a choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam. He graduated in 2011 at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development – Amsterdam School of The Arts). Before moving to Europe, he studied Theater at Sao Paolo University in his native city. He performed in projects by Deborah Hay, Jeremy Wade, Ibrahim Quraishi a.o. As a choreographer, Belfiore has presented his work in festivals and venues in many European countries and Brazil. His graduation work, “The miserable thing”, was nominated for the ITS Festival Choreography Award and received the “best direction” award at ACT Festival in Spain in 2012. He is Artist In Residence at the production house Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2011, where he made his solo „You Must“ with dramaturgic collaboration of Ivo Dimchev. His works are intense, energetic, and strongly visceral and visual. The performer’s presence and how he affects the audience’s perception, are a strong characteristic of his work. All his works present a body that is primitive and vulnerable, which is contrasted with a mix of pop and mass culture elements.

The production is part of Aerowaves platform supported by Creative Europe and operated for Bulgaria by Derida Dance Center. Its presentation in Bulgaria is part of the Cultural Calendar of Sofia Municipality.

Without Distance Platform

Warm up with the audience led by Fernando Belfiore, 6:45 pm, DNA                                         Untypical and playful introduction into the subject and the choreography of the performance. After the warm up there will be enough time for the participants for a glass of wine before the show. Free entry.

Post-show talk with the artist in the Conversations on the Body Series.


Tickets: 10/ 8 BGN

Photo: Giannina Urmeneta