4 QUESTIONS TO: Kevin Jean

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4 QUESTIONS TO: Kevin Jean




What were you particularly interested in when creating ”Des Paradis”?

In „Des Paradis” I wanted to create a kind of paradises, spaces where to live my utopias, where I could find what I’m searching for in my day to day life. Not paradises in a religious way or once dead, but here and now, actively fighting. Through my performances, I am finding ways to transform myself and, microscopically, my world too.

Yes, we are able to be what we want to be with no fear. We fight together in a common direction to make a kind of universe emerge where we can exist. An island we can easily cohabitate with pleasure, where differences are great and where we look more at all the common we have, all that unites us.

It’s a celebration of the ground, of the Earth, of all kinds of protest: march, riot, carnival. It’s also a child game. It’s just a serious and intense way of playing with friends.

What was the main challenge?

Performing and directing at the same time. It’s a challenge but also a choice.

There are so many other challenges I can talk about: production and economical issues, managing the team, relationship with partners, schedule, being able to transmit what I feel and search, finding the proper warm up, leading experiences, letting the performers going through what they need, welcoming surprises and being touched by performers’ proposition, staying open to everything while making some choices as author…

What experience would you like to create for the audience? 

I believe in the empathic power of dance and performance. So I would like the audience to feel things, to go through with their senses and sensitivity. It’s an experiment to share and not a thing to analyze… Feel first and then we’ll talk if you want, whether you are mad or happy.

We are bringing sweetness, care, self-love, love for others and strangeness… Fighting to create other ways, our ways.

What keeps you working in dance and performance?

I believe I’m under mission.

I need to do it.

I have the necessity to do it.

I need to transform how I see the world, who I am, I need to believe that I can change myself and the world.

It’s not an egocentric trip but a vital activity that allows me to evolve and transform myself.

It makes me accept or fight.

It keeps me alive sometimes.

It brings me joy and happiness sometimes.

It’s a luck and so intense to be in creative activities.

It makes me discover amazing persons and myself.

I know that it’s not useless as I saw reactions of people I work with in performances, workshops or people from audiences.

Even if I have touched one person, I’m doing my part of the job.

Someone needs to do the magic to make the world turn round.