4 QUESTIONS TO: Kazuyo Shionoiri & Dror Liberman

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4 QUESTIONS TO:  Kazuyo Shionoiri & Dror Liberman




What were you particularly interested in when creating ”Take Down”?

A festival in Israel asked us to create a “political piece”. This raised for us the question – is there any value in creating this kind of stuff for this kind of platform?! Because for us in the scene in Israel most of the resistance is fake; politicians and the “radical artists” actually support each other, enjoy each other’s acts and all is staged. From that position, we took up the idea of the WWF battles, the professional wrestling TV programme.

We live in a world full of violence. We try to present it unfiltered, to show its ugly side, those sides that we are ashamed of. But at the same time we try to show also what makes us attracted to it over and over again.

What was the main challenge for you?

Not to get injured. It was really a tough process, physically.

What experience would you like to create for the audience?

To put it in the liminal space between attraction and disgust; to walk on the thin line between “I have to see more” and “I can’t watch it any more”. To project some question marks on the reality which is out of the stage as well. We want the spectators to wonder what is their part in this spectacle of violence that they are just watching.

What makes you working in the field of dance and performance?

We find this field very dynamic, with a big range of change inside it. To have an idea, to process it, and at the end to share it with the audience – this experience gives great satisfaction. We feel like it makes us find ourselves in this ungrateful field.