3 April  2012 , The Red House
7.00 p.m. , Red hall
Concept: Elisabete Finger (Brazil/Germany); Performance: Elisabete Finger (Brazil/ Germany); Light: Yair Vardi (Israel); Assistance and coach: Sandro Amaral (Brasil); Tearing and motion: Joana von Mayer Trindade (Portugal), accompanied by Vera Mantero (Portugal); Collaborations: Johanna Hegenscheidt, Litó Walkey, Ric Allsopp, Rhys Martin, Dinis Machado, Susana Gaspar, Rita Natálio, Miguel Pereira, Neto Machado, Michelle Moura, Gustavo Bitencourt
More than a year Elisabete Finger has been working in a series of situations which she calls “studies for Monstro”. The “studies for Monstro” are possible compositions for the same group of elements. O. is the 6th and the last experience in this series. O. is something hairy, something black, something red, something dropping, something flying, something turning, something living, something dying. O. is a circle, a hole. O. is an action or an operation. O. is precarious possibilities of being and belonging, of functioning and exceeding, of traversing, piercing, leaking, dissolving, fusing, and continuing. O. is for me (headless) an abyss, a fascinating and almost unbearable vertigo. O. may be for you an unstable image-movement, an image that is made and unmade, that is devoured by, or condensed into monster. The perfomance is realised in partnership with Goethe Institut Bulgarien. With the support of Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT, Germany), Forum Dança and O Rumo do Fumo / Residências no Edifício (Lisbon, Portugal), Petrobras Cultural: Couve-Flor Manutenção Coletiva (Curitiba, Brazil)
Duration: 45 min.
Tickets: 6 BGN