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a solo by Lee Meir (Germany/ Israel)

Artistic assistance: André Lewski

Special thanks: Kattrin Deufert, HZT-Berlin

In English.

“UPDOWNANDAROUND” playfully straddles the line between the gestural language and games of verbal and conscious language. It creates between them a ceaseless flux where each meaning that appears is immediately transformed into another. Lee Meir invites the audience as a participant in the flow of communication in this intimate and original composition. Humorously it creates a paradoxical landscape constantly shifting between the artifice and the real, between the said and the done; it is in this in-between zone that the piece unfolds. “A humorous, eccentric and charming dance piece…” (Christian Rakow, Nachkritik.de)

Co-Production and Support: HZT-Inter University for Dance, Berlin; The Suzanne Dellal Centre,


The guest-performance is supported by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.