15 APRIL (FRIDAY) / 10:00 pm / Club Backyard, 22 Shishman Str.


with music from Tian Rotteveel (Holland / Germany)

Electro Dance Music from the contemporary dance scene of Berlin and US East Coast

Special pole dance with Daniel Kok (Singapore / Germany)

Tian Rotteveel is from Holland, but lives and works for years in Berlin as musician, composer (incl. for dance performances), choreographer and performer. Parallel to his own works, Tian  has been working with Tino Sehgal, Jeremy Wade, David Zambrano, Willy Prager a.o. Antistatic followers know him with “Soulsqueezing” shown in 2012. This year he is again a festival guest as responsible for the music to “Slap / Stick” and will take care for our antistatic mood as a DJ.

Daniel Kok will show how brilliant is he also as a pole dancer. He won the SG Pole Challenge and was a finalist at the International Pole Dance Championate 2013.