WITHOUT SHOES (by Zefirov)

15 April / 6 pm / Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Gulliver Hall

Exhibition of Stephan Zefirov

WITHOUT SHOES (by Zefirov)


“Who guides our steps? Who guides the movements of the body and mind? Are our shoes indeed ours or are they made after some pattern for millions? Where do we reach in our life, fooling ourselves that we create our destiny? Dance without steps, barefooted walk, music with no notes, world with no limits. There is a cat lying in the room. The door opens and the cat isn’t there. Can we become like it? Can we reach a long forgotten melody? Without direction. Without guidance. Without any sense. Only desire. And a look. A photographic journey From and To the human game of Here and There, of Me and You, of Shadow and Matter, of Body and Reflection. The images are on paper. The prints are only a point of departure. Only the shoes are my business. But “without shoes” nobody can predict your movement. Even You. Because there is no You. There is only energy, free electrons, filled in a bottle – your body. And… “

Stephan Zefirov is conceptual artist, photographer and author. His exhibibiotns, video installations and photography have been presented in Sofia Art Gallery, Red House Center and Sofia Architecture Week. Since 2012 his photographic eye follows Antistatic Festival.