Oh, no!

Dalija Acin & Recognize Crew present:

Oh, no!

Concept: Dalija Acin (Serbia); Choreography: Dalija Acin, Recognize Crew (Serbia); Dramaturgy: Sasa Bozic, (Serbia); Performed by: Darko Bursac, Luka Lukic (Serbia); Music: Goran Simonoski, Ivan Antic (Serbia); Graphic Design: Mihailo Rsumovic (Serbia)

The usage only of the break dance movements marks Dalija Acin’s choreographic step out into the territory of a different dance language, in which the atmosphere is made by the accentuated accumulation of the dance material and the eyes of the audience are overwhelmed by the information of intelligent bodies movement. The virtuous language of break dance acts as a choreographic paradise where Dalia Acin explores themes as masculinity, virtuosity and seduction. Staring from the search of the hidden in the male body, the special attention is given to the exploration of the places of fragility and calmness of the unknown.

Duration: 50 min.

Antistatic – Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance is realized in partnership with Nomad Dance Academy, Etud Foundation, Benlet Marine pr&event agency, Optima Audit JSCo., Theatre Laboratory “@lma @lter” and with the support of Eurocom 2000, AutoMotor Corporation JSCo. and The Ministry of Culture.
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