The Unnameable

Theatre Laboratory “@lma @lter” presents:
The Unnameable by Samuel Beckett

Staging: Nikolai Georgiev, (Bulgaria); Choreography: Petya Iossifova (Bulgaria); With: @lma @lter

“Voice”, “words”, “talking”, “mouth”, “ear”, “eye”, “idleness”, “timelessness”, “things”, “names”, “silence”, “waiting”… that has nothing in common with the expectation, that is hope. “Waiting” is just waiting. “Waiting for Godot” i.e. for the non-existing. Because it doesn’t exist. It absurdly doesn’t exist. This is the dramaturgy of this performance. We have clarified nothing, have explained nothing, have changed nothing, have added nothing, have attached nothing from us, the researchers. However we haven’t made anything easier for you, the witnesses of our journey, and haven’t saved you anything.”

In Bulgarian.

Duration: 60 min.