Zoom In

6 April  2012 , Sfumato Theatrе Laboratory
9.00 p.m.–10.00 p.m. ,  the access is at regular intervals of 15 min.

Performative installation by Violeta Vitanova (Bulgaria) and Venelin Shurelov (Bulgaria)
“Zoom In” minimizes the expressive means of the body to their utmost minimum. In focus is its “most anonymous” part – the human back and its potential for creating peculiar images. The spinal column is like a bearing medial structure, its potential for performing/accomplishing flexion, extension and rotation. One sole part of the body – the back, finds a concrete choreographic language that travels and explores the deformations of its own, creating by that an unusual visual experience.
Duration: 60 min.
Tickets: 4 BGN