Untitled Stills

April 4 (Monday) 2011,  The Red House

9.30 p.m, Red hall

Untitled Stills 

Practise-Format by An Kaler (Austria) in cooperation with Alexander Baczynski and Rodrigo Sobarzo

Untitled Stills explores the pictorial quality of movement. Based on notions of the still image (in video and photography) the still in motion is reviewed by testing moments prior to a settling or arrival, and vibrating in between fixed positions with a clear relation. The research approaches poses and posing as an activity in relation to movement and physical practises – negotiating intentions and presence in a ongoing action of framing. How can we point towards that moment of reframing, and displace projections in order to allow for shifts and gaps to operate transformatively? How do practices and investigations correlate during a moment of a shared practice?

Duration: 50 min.